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bite away ® – Insect Bite & Sting Healer

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Patented First Aid device for the treatment of all insect bites and stings.

Chemical free using the natural effects of concentrated heat.

Temperature exactly maintained for optimal benefit without irritating the skin.

Perfect for camping, outdoor lifestyle.  Keep one in your First Aid Kit.

Technology unique world-wide.

Feel safe with German high standards of medical technology.

Healing made easy with Bite away ® Safe for all the family



Insect Bite & Sting Relief. Get fast relief from pain and itching.

bite away® is a safe, easy, and chemical free treatment to stop the pain and irritation of insect bites and stings. bite away®, is a pocket-sized First Aid medical device for the external treatment of insect bites and stings. Already being widely used in Europe, now bite away® is available in Australia.

Get fast relief from:

• Mosquito bites
• Ant bites
• Bee stings
• Wasp stings
• Horsefly bites
• Flea bites
• Sand fly bites


The bite away® is designed to be effective on any insect sting or bite.

bite away® treats the bites and stings by using heat. This quickly stops the pain and prevents the reaction that causes the itch. It’s patented German technology consists of a tiny integrated micro-processor, which heats the skin to approx. 50 degrees for 3-5 seconds (3 seconds for children and 5 for adults).

bite away® is called an insect bite healer as the device stops the pain and itch of an insect bite and also helps the bite site heal. This means the swelling of your bites reduces and disappear much faster than if they were left untreated.  Long term scaring from insect bites is now a thing of the past.

bite away® is compact, splash-proof, and portable. Perfect for the beach, the pool, and anywhere outdoors. It’s battery operated, taking two AA batteries, and with careful use will continue to last.

bite away® is safe for everyone, including: pregnant women and children. It is ideal for those who have skin allergy reactions to bites and stings.

Therapeutic Goods Administration registered Medical Device Class 2A                        ARTG 326762.

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7 reviews for bite away ® – Insect Bite & Sting Healer

  1. Liz Butler

    Hi I have 2 bite away gadgets, both bought at the Brisbane Camping and Caravan Show ( June) – first in 2014 and then 2016. We are going to SE Asia on 6th Dec I wondered if you send me 2 of these because I know I am going to need my little treasures. I love them and as I get massive reactions to sandflies, mozzies etc the biteaway works brilliantly for me. Even used it on a black ant bite and it absolutely got rid of pain and large swelling – was able to administer biteaway within few minutes of bite. Five weeks later I still have a tiny mark on the site of the bite but 2 zaps at the time of the bite took away pain and swelling. Amazing! We have used it in the Gulf, Kimberley\’s, Qld and anywhere in between. Great product!!

  2. Suzie B

    My family camp, bush walk, kayak and all in all spend a lot of time outside. I get a terrible allergic reaction to mosquitos and sand flies and regularly end up on huge doses of steroids and phenergen when I get bitten. This device actually works. I usually have to use it twice that day (about 1hr apart) then its done. The itch doesn’t return. really. Its a total game changer for our camping and hiking trips now. We only ordered one (I was a bit sceptical) but I’m off to order at least one more so I always have one with me in my bag.

  3. Melissa

    Thank you Bite Away,
    I used your product on my son on the weekend. He was bitten by a bulldog ant out camping. My father in law had recently bought Bite Away and suggested I use it as I had forgotten most of things usually in my first aid kit.
    As his bite was extremely painful I was willing to use anything as I had recently been bitten weeks before with 2 hours of pain.
    Once we pushed the button my son said the pain pretty much had gone in 30 seconds. Hence why I am now buying it and a few more friends will be visiting in the next few days to buy some as well.
    Thanks for a great product.

  4. John Moulder

    Works very well on mozzie bites , only stings I have tried it on so far . Slight discomfort as it heats for a couple of seconds , but no more itch .

  5. Colin Purchase

    I used a friends bite away while camping recently it worked so well I bought one when we returned

  6. Vic Gun Mod Not Working

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  7. sl

    This is a fantastic product. I live in the tropical north and I wouldn’t be without this gadget. I have a reaction to bites that itches for days, and this gadget stops the itch in its tracks. I’ve worn out the first one and I’m onto my second now. It’s the only bite product I’ve used that works every time. This should be stocked by every pharmacy in FNQ.

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