Frequently Asked Questions

My bite away® has fallen into water. Is my device ruined or is it repairable?
The device is only splash-proof but it may be alright after a short time in water. Take out the batteries and allow to dry thoroughly.

How long after a sting/bite can the bite away® be used effectively?
For the itching or pain it can still be effective even hours after and the swelling will go down quicker with the help of the bite away®.

Can the bite away® be even used on spider bites?
The device was not designed for spider bites.

Can infants and small children use the bite away®?
In principle yes, but young children should be prepared for the short concentrated heat.

Can the bite away® be used in snakes bites?
No. The Bite away® is designed for insect bites and stings.

Can the bite away® be used on mucous membranes?


Does the bite away® use batteries?
Yes. 2 x “AA” Batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries – as rechargeable batteries are 1.2 volts and standard AA batteries are 1.5 volts.  Bite away needs the 3 volts to run the thermostat.

When I press the buttons on the bite away® I get, after about 10 seconds, three flashes ?
This is the bite away® telling you that it has low batteries and that a change of batteries is required

I have lost the battery door of my bite away. Where can I get replacement?
You will have to pay parts and postage but a new one can be obtained by emailing

Does the bite away® use radiation ?
No it only works with heat.

I work with electronic devices. Can the bite away® interfere with other devices?
There are no known interference of electronic devices.

Can I hurt the device by inserting the batteries incorrectly?
No. The unit has reverse polarity protection. 

When the sting of the insect, eg Bees, is still in the skin can I use the device anyway?
If possible, remove stinger before applying the bite away®.

Can my bite away® be used against tick bites?
Yes, but the application will need to be repeated.

Can bite away® also be used when the skin has been pre-treated with insect cream?