The logo is a patented medical device which was developed for the external treatment of insect bites and stings.

The bite away® insect healer treats mosquitoes bites, sand flies bites, bees sting, wasp sting, blue bottle jellyfish sting, horseflies bites, flea bites, bed bugs bites and mites/chigger bites and stinging nettle. The bite away® is designed to be effective on any bite/sting that has a histamine reaction.

The bite away® is based on a purely natural effect of concentrated heat.

Through a German invented integrated microchip the bite away® treats the bites by heating to a temperature of between 49°C
to 51°C for 3 to 6 seconds. This thermostat controlled device denatures or decomposes the insect toxins/protein thus preventing the body’s histamine reaction.

When applied immediately after sting the bite away® prevents or minimises the itching so that it becomes insignificant and prevents any subsequent swelling. When applied later, even after hours, the itching will be minimised immediately, as well or will disappear. The swelling will go down more quickly.

Medical Device Class 2A approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) approval No. 223108.


 logo is safe for use for by pregnant women, people with epilepsy and also people with allergies.



How to use bite away®

bite away® has 2 button selections

Right Button – 5 to 6 seconds – suitable for youth and Adults
Left Button – 2 to 3 seconds – suitable for children and adults with delicate skin
  • Select the button of your choiceprod2
  • Place round contact plate over bite
  • Push selected button a you will hear an acoustic sound
  • The will see the LED light go on this signals the start of treatment
  • The LED go off to signal the end of treatment
  • End of treatment is also signaled by an acoustic sound.
  • Lift bite away®  off skin after each application                            

Do not use on mucous membrane, open wounds, or eyes


Function Mode

bite away® is designed and manufactured in Germany.

bite away® works on 2 x “AA ” batteries. This lasts for more than 300 applications depending on the batteries used.

prod3When you press the button and the bite away® takes more than 10 seconds to come up to heat this means that the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

The bite away® will signal low batteries by:

  •       3 Flashes of LED light
  •       3 Acoustic sounds

Change batteries – and then keep healing.

**Please do not use rechargeable batteries.**

It is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries. The bite away® needs between 2.6 and 3.6V and rechargeable are 1.2V and therefore the output would be 2.4V and not sufficient to have the bite away work correctly.

150,000 bite away® sold in Germany in 2013

Made in Germany  by

Endorsed by the DLRG- German Life Guard Association